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How to benefit from choosing an account?

To be successful as a CFD trader, you need to stay alert to what’s happening in the financial markets. That’s exactly why our platform includes industry leading analysis and charting tools, available for you in real time. Additionally, each one of our account types is equipped with a different set of tools to personally fit your trading style and level of experience, so you will be able to develop your expertise and maximize your profit potential.

Still not sure which one to choose?

We can help you with better understanding our different account type offerings and fix you up with an account that will best match your requirements. Contact us directly via LIVE chat, email or on +41315087457.

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Earn Cash Rewards

Contest participation is absolutely free for all 2dots traders. Once your trading account has been funded, you immediately qualify for automatic entrance. The trader with the highest contest score wins. The contest score is compiled from the total amount of your closed trades multiplied by your account type weight.

Therefore, the more you’ll trade -
the greater your winning chances are!

Earn Cash Rewards