Bitcoin’s 15th Anniversary Adorns Millionaire Wallets With a 300% Surge in Growth in Crypto

Milan Novakovic


Bitcoin commemorates its 15th anniversary amid a remarkable year marked by a staggering 300% surge in the number of Bitcoin millionaire wallets. According to Glassnode, there are now over 91,000 such wallets, nearly quadrupling from the previous year.

Bitinfocharts data reveals 89,111 addresses holding over 1 million Bitcoin and 7,382 addresses with balances exceeding 10 million. Overall, around 45.4 million addresses contain some amount of Bitcoin.

The top 100 wealthiest Bitcoin addresses feature a Binance cold wallet valued at approximately 10.7 billion, followed by a Bitfinex cold wallet at around 9 billion.

Cathie Wood of Ark Invest recently likened Bitcoin to investing in physical gold, emphasizing its role as a hedge against inflation and deflation.


At present, Bitcoin boasts a market capitalization of $840.7 billion, positioning it as the ninth most valuable asset globally. While its year-to-date gains stand at 1.6%, the overall crypto market capitalization amounts to 1.67 trillion.

Trader Oliver L. Velez shared on social media a bullish prediction for Bitcoin’s future, foreseeing its ascent into the top three most valuable assets by the end of 2025.

Despite these achievements, Bitcoin has not yet surpassed its all-time high observed in November 2021. Nevertheless, the count of “wholecoiners” — wallets containing at least one full Bitcoin — has crossed the one-million mark for the first time.